Though not quite the loudest this year as far as dropping new music, Wiz Khalifa is not new to this music game.

Khalifa first unveiled his music to the public in 2006. Even back then, Wiz knew his purpose in this Industry. As described in Forbes, “Khalifa hasn’t deviated from releasing free product, a strategy he established early in his career to grow and satisfy his core fan base”. This free business model has worked successfully for other Musicians too. Now, though, after a bit of a hiatus, and a career of record-breaking releases, Wiz Khalifa is back with new tunes for his “core fan base”. The Laugh Now, Fly Later mixtape drops this Friday, November 10th.

Further, the Hip Hop Artist also released the track list and cover art for the upcoming project.

The project only has one feature. Casey Veggies assists on the opening track of Laugh Now, Fly Later. Veggies also appeared on Zoey Dollaz’s M’ap Boule. Check out the list below (via Bill Board):

Laugh Now, Fly Later tracklist:

1. “Royal Highness” Feat. Casey Veggies

2. “Letterman”

3. “Figure It Out”

4. “Plane 4 U”

5. “No Dirt”

6. “Long Way To Go”

7. “Global Access”

8. “City Of Steel”

9. “Weed Farm”

10. “Stay Focused”