Written By: Autumn Myers

Once upon a time the world of music featured women who resembled the same body sizes, image, and personas. Most even conveyed the same tone and sound in their music. Making it hard for underground or aspiring artists to shatter that glass box placed over women in the music industry. The conversation of diversity and colorism was a hot topic for years within the industry. It seems in 2019, we finally are able to digest this conversation and share the light with women who share different voices in music. 

For example, women of the Latinx and Afro-Latinx background is a conversation worth sharing and having with your music loving friends. The WNDR WMN event agency chose to take part in this conversation on September 25, 2019 at Twitter headquarters in New York City. The WNDR WMN event agency hosted a listening session that included women who represent Latinx culture and women empowerment to the fullest. In celebration of Latinx/Hispanic Heritage month, the agency brought out musical artists, Nitty Scott, Diomara, and Angelica Vila. All of these women brought their cultural pride, energy, and talent to the stage that evening. Along with vibes and energy provided by DJ Giselle Peppers and Jes Perez hosting the night away.

Artist & co-founder of WNDR WMN, DioMara shares her words as an Afro-Panamanian, experiencing her own struggles and gaining visibility in this system of not only white supremacy but also patriarchy. She utilized her opportunity at Twitter to provide a moment for the Latinx community. To show NYC what some of the budding WMN talent looks like. 

Conversations and moments in music such as this are curating the conversation that is still desperately needed. Which is why we have these powerful Latinx women to narrate their own conversation behind it. The night explored that women in music can create their own identity and sound while fully embracing who they are.

Take a look at some highlighted photos of the night!

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