This could be Drizzy Drake’s first real L.

A woman by the name of Laquana Gayson is claiming that she is pregnant, and the father is none other than More Life rapper, Drake.

Throwing my hands up in the air as I’m done with these fooly rappers.  What more needs to transpire for you all to get that you are a trap waiting to happen.

According to BallerAlert, apparently a few months back, after being introduced via Instagram, as we know Drake to have a weakness for a particular caliber of women whom you generally find over those social outlets; after linking up, she was later flown overseas to see him where they allegedly hooked up.  Things were all good, until it wasn’t.  And now Gayson says she is pregnant.

Thank God for receipts.

And now Drake won’t respond, Gayson put all their laundry on social media to dry, her commentary on his penis size plus more, text message exchanges on their first meet, as well as an apparent pregnancy test result; this whole thing is another example of the foolery that continues to stain our greats.  Not putting it all on Gayson, as they are both looking cray, she says she never thirsted for Drake or anyone else for that matter, but was however bamboozled into thinking Drake was different.

From More Life to New Life, but is it a better one?  Will it be?

I’m sorry Drizzy, this is looking like an L, and if it comes out to be true, it will be all your fault.