Beyoncé’s pre-order page for How To Make Lemonade went live yesterday.

This new exclusive set features “never-before-seen” images of Queen Bey and her family. Specifically, over 600 pages of these never before shared moments. The photos in the printed coffee book are also accompanied by poems. These poems were written by Warsan Shire. According to Paper Mag, Shire is a Somali-British Writer. Additionally, the foreword is written by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. Already, though, the Bee Hive is going above and beyond to get their hands on the new box set.

It is currently listed for $299.99.

On top of all this, though, the box set also encases a double vinyl LP as well as handwritten messages and lyrics from Queen Bey herself. Fans can also experience audio and video downloads according to the official How To Make Lemonade pre-order page. Also, expect the limited edition, made to order, vinyl box set to highlight behind-the-scenes footage to videos such as “Sorry” and “Formation”.

While some fans confess they already ordered their exclusive box set from Beyoncé- others are hoping for a miracle.

We should be used to these prices from Queen Bey by now though right? Plus, with all the personalized exclusive content- this box set (price and all) seems perfect for her most loyal fans. Be sure to see more images from the Collector’s Edition: How To Make Lemonade Box Set on Beyoncé’s official website.