Following up on the news of Wyclef Jean’s cuffing situation the other day in LA while driving with two female passengers.

Just to catch you up, in case you missed it.  Wyclef, his manager and another female passenger were driving when he was pulled over by Los Angeles County Sheriff’ s Dept, and was aggressively handcuffed upon his exit of the vehicle because he fit the description of a suspect from an armed robbery that occurred in the area.

So today on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning, Laura Stylez was going over the incident where she said that Wyclef said he didn’t have a problem with being stopped, his problem was with the narrative of the Sheriff which followed.

Ebro quickly got on the dial and hit Wyclef up to clear it up.

The Sheriff’s Department claimed that Wyclef put his hands on his waist (maybe as if to grab a gun), signaling them to charge, which according to Wyclef was a complete lie, further pushing him to go forward with his lawsuit. He feels that the cops were only trying to cover their butt’s just in case they would have killed him, while they were refusing to answer his questions as to why he was even being detained.

Expounding on the case, ‘Clef said, “Even after their apology, what bothered me was the fact that, the information was tampered with.  When I got out the car, they already was on me.”

Wyclef, who wasn’t driving, was getting dropped off at the studio before this all went down, wearing his Haitian flag around his head.  The untold part of the story was, they were pulling up to a hotel in Hollywood, cops told the driver of the car to get out and put their hands up. Wyclef was expecting Ashton Kutcher to pop up from around the corner for an episode of Punked, but that wasn’t so.

While still sitting in the car, Wyclef explained that the cops shoo’d off the passerby-er’s who were already filming on their phones.  Thinking that everything was okay, he exits the car to immediately being rushed with all guns drawn.  Having no idea what was going on or whether or not it was the LAPD or the Sheriff’s Department, Wyclef urges someone to begin filming again.

“Once again, through the system, we have a broken system because if they can lie about that information and I’m alive to tell about it, you can imagine how much information that passes through the system,” Wyclef revealed.

“Y’all picked up the wrong n!gga today.”

After putting him in the back of their squad car, the cops were then signaled to let Wyclef go, as the real bad guy was blocks away.

All that and more in the video, check it out below.