While on stage at his Wednesday night show in San Diego, rapper XXXtentacion was attacked.

Someone from the audience came full force at the rapper causing a brawl to break out in the audience and XXX was carried off stage immediately.

Moments after the attack, the rapper posted a now deleted tweet saying, “LOL YOU SHOULD SEE THE OTHER GUY 😂😂😂😂.”

He blamed the whole situation on the security guard and the venue.


In addition to that, XXX spoke on a stabbing that reportedly took place during the fight that broke out after the attack. San Diego’s Fox 5 reported that one person was actually stabbed but he has not been identified. In another now-deleted tweet, XXXTentacion wrote, “several stab wounds, he in critical condition he might be dead in a few hours…’JUST SAYIN’.”



Many people who witnessed the attack seem to believe that San Diego rapper Rob Stone is held responsible for rushing XXX. The crowd began chanting “Fuck Rob Stone,” and many Twitter users were sure he was the one who caused the commotion. The beef between the two has been built up tension since Stone got into it with one of XXX’s friend. XXX threatened to put hands on stone which more than likely triggered this attack.

Drake seemed to really love the attack on the rapper who has came for him a few times as he liked the video and a few comments of XXX getting knocked out.