Dayton, Ohio native Yalee has taken his talents to the East Coast determined to turn his dreams into reality. He was born into a family made up with generations of musical talents stemming from his grandparents to his mother who sings in a gospel group best known as the Ditto Girls and a father who once shared a stage with the late great Tupac Shakur back in the 90s.

Who Is Yalee?

With a range of sound jumping between R&B and Hip-Hop, this singer, songwriter, and performer launched his musical career with the release of his mix-tape, Remember My Name. The premiere project featured his breakout cover of Rihanna’s hit single “Stay.” What a great debut – with a title that did just that. Since his name rings bells. Keeping momentum, a year later, the Hood Pop Star released “Pretty Girl Dance” off of his mix-tape as a breakout single. In 2015 fans were gifted with the arrival of “Pretty Girl Dance, Pt. 2” featuring Fetty Wap. Singles “Kick Up” and “Friends With Benefits” came as follow up bangers in 2016, in which they later appeared on his 2017 EP, 10 Hours Away: You Was Never Wit Me Sleepin’ In My Buick. 

1V1 You Vs The World

In August 2019 Yalee released his debut album, 1V1 You Vs The World featuring hit song, “Mommas Sorrows,” which expresses how senseless killings are on the rise. Throughout track he encourages his generation to find love and respect with one another and to walk in the light. His heartfelt “I Miss You” track is a tribute to his late grandmother whose life was cut short from her battle with cancer. Another album favorite, “Fake Smiles” has taken his listeners by storm as it is a universal song that can be related to by all generations, cultures and races. It speaks volumes about needing healing from the toxic secrets kept within because of the feeling that nobody cares or understands – that we are in our predicament alone. The overall album is carried by a positive message to find healing, compassion and love for our fellow people while on the journey to find self-love. A project that speaks to everyone everywhere in the world.
The entire album’s writtens were wrote by Yalee himself while every song was produced, mixed, engineered and mastered by Tjamz. Take a look at Yalee’s thoughts on the curation of this conceptual masterpiece.
“To me there’s a difference between making just good music and making music that speaks to people. Conceptually when putting this album together, I wanted my listeners to realize and relate to real life issues and know that they are not alone; with bullying, being hated on, being disregarded, feelings of suicide, feelings of keeping deep personal secrets locked up inside because nobody cares, or would ever understand.”
1v1 You Vs The World Track-list :
1.) HATE fr
2.) Momma Sorrows (feat. My Mother)
3.) i miss you
4.) SUPA Woman
5.) CLICK B8 (feat. Zurich Benjy)
6.) Garyvee (Interlude)(feat. Garyvee)
7.) No Windows
8.) fake smiles
9.) Relate
10.) You Should Know
11.) FentiNova (feat. Justina Valentine & Kandy K)
12.) FORT-G (feat. King Shad)
13.) Can’t Sleep
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