Just days after dropping his “Everyday We Lit Remix” with rappers Wiz Khalifa, PnB Rock and Lil Yachty, YFN Lucci decided to go back at it again with yet another video, where he again revisits his Long Live Nut project. For a kind of re-release of the track “Been Broke Before.” On the track, YFN touches on his life before the fame where he was hustling and really getting to the paper. Discussing how people decided to change on him, as well as speaking on how those who didn’t believe in him, want to be around now.

The video itself shows off images of his old neighborhood which appears to be run down. Throughout the video he’s speaking to a young boy, seemingly discussing to him what he’s rapping about and encouraging him to do better all while still showing him where he’s been and what he’s learned. This track is decent and really plays into YFN kind of sing-rap style

Check out the video below.

Jocelyn Rivera