Young Dolph and WSHH dropped a documentary yesterday, May 19th.

The film is titled, King, and is only a couple minutes shy of thirty minutes. Hot New Hip Hop mentions some details of some of the news and history that we’ve seen surrounding Dolph. For one, he’s been shot at over 100 times. Then, on May 16th Blac Youngsta turned himself in for the Young Dolph shooting, while on May 17th, Youngsta said he was innocent according to XXL. On top of that though, Youngsta released a new song yesterday dissing Young Dolph.

“Tell the whole world how you called around the city/Had a few niggas come and tell me you was sorry/Tell your fans the truth/Tell ’em how you really wasn’t trappin’, you wasn’t nothin’ but a barber (ho)/Tell ’em how daddy-o used to lil boy you, make you run to the store for a cigar and some water (ho)/Tell ’em how we had a show together, you ain’t come in ’cause you thought I was gon’ rob you (ho),” – “Birthday” by Blac Youngsta via XXL

The Chicago-born, but Memphis-based Young Dolph is “Bullet Proof“. The Hip Hop artist known for “club bangers and cold punch lines” made his debut in 2008, but didn’t gain national recognition until 2014. He also is said to be a “local hero” according to BillBoard.

Check out his documentary here.

Anora Blazin