Written by: Okla Jones

Almost 15 years ago, Jay Wayne Jenkins dropped what many rap fans would consider an instant classic. Vivid tales of from the life of a true hustler, risking it all in the streets of Atlanta in order to maintain a lifestyle that only a select few can only hope to experience. Thug Motivation 101: Let’s Get It, was Jeezy’s introduction to the world, and like all great things, it eventually must come to an end.

Last March he announced that his upcoming album Thug Motivation 104: The Legend of the Snowman, would also be his last. The man that gave us countless hits such as “Put On,” “My President,” and “Soul Survivor,” decided that he’s ready for a full-time transition into the next phase in his career – a graduation, so to speak.

Naturally, the final installment of his heralded “TM” series comes with high expectations. However, the ability to perform is something that never bothered Jeezy. In fact, he welcomes the pressure, hence the title of his previous album. As one of the artists that spearheaded the trap music genre, Jeezy was asked about his process while creating TM104“I kept it me, and I kept it solid,” Jeezy told Billboard in an interview. “All the records that I did, even the ones that didn’t make the album, they were all true to me. It’s what true thug motivation means. Just like everything that I’ve done, I put my heart into it like it was my first album…”

Last month, Jeezy debuted TM104’s lead single, “1 Time,” which was produced by Sonaro. The announcement of the album’s August 23rdrelease date, the Snowman alerted his fans via Instagram with a video commemorated some of his career’s greatest moments.