Jeezy has partnered with Defiance Brand, Inc. to bring “exclusive hydration” to health enthusiasts all over.


Defiance Brand, Inc. is a company “that specializes in all natural products that enhance athletic performance“. Also, according to the official website, their primary trademark is Defiance Fuel. This drink is said to “return your body to a state of healthy hydration, energy and balance”. Additionally, the athletic performance boosting drink has been designed over the last 25 years. So, clearly, Jeezy and Defiance Brand, Inc. have put serious thought into this collaboration.

“I am thrilled to partner with a brand whose motto ‘defy limitations’ is one I believe in professionally, physically, and mentally.”

-Jeezy via Forbes

There are already so many reasons to work out.

Check out some of the biggest reasons below:

That said, while working out minimizes your risk of disease, it also simultaneously decreases those visits to the Doctor.

Now, Defiance Brand, Inc. & Jeezy continue to cater to lowering the cost of healthy living. Defiance Fuel aims to help people of all levels of fitness to stay healthy on their own.

“After drinking Defiance Fuel for a month I noticed a new level of hydration and my body has never felt better since playing soccer in the last decade! I have incredible energy. “

– Alan Gordon, Pro Soccer Player/LA Galaxy/Former U.S. Men’s National Player via Defiance Fuel

“Defiance Fuel has been a game changer in my day-to-day life. It is all-natural with a purity that reminds me of the smoothness of the water in the Galapagos Islands. . .”

– Shannon Thompson via Defiance Fuel

“Thanks to Defiance Fuel I feel more energized than ever during my workouts. It’s really helped to improve my overall performance. It tastes great and I recommend it to everyone . . .”

– Cella Bishop, Personal Trainer & Fitness Expert via Defiance Fuel

Defiance Fuel can be purchased exclusively in therapy clinics, Gold’s Gym Tennessee, Cross Fit South Cobb, some Planet Fitness locations, as well as other retailers across the country. That’s a win for the culture.