Being a global artist from California, Young Sixx has done a pretty good job making a name for himself in Europe. With a wide range of sounds and lyrics he uses his diversity to create his new solid music. His versatility is an asset but his work drive separates him from many other artists. With a military background, Young Sixx has been travelling from a early age, which contributed to his unique sound. His first freestyle battle was in Germany, at a club. During high school he spent a lot of time writing, perfecting and learning his craft. I.A.R Entertainment is the record label that he created alongside with the new movement, Eurolife. As Young Sixx continues to accomplish his goals he also breaks many cultural barriers. We briefly interviewed him about the insight behind this song. Read all about it below and enjoy listening to this new heat here!

We briefly interviewed him about his new song, “Sorry I Miss Your Call”

1. What motivated you to write this song?

As I start to move further along with my career, I start to realize every call is not worth it to accept and sometimes you just gotta ignore them to weed out the good ones that lead to that financial gain… and I’m out here being real busy not fake busy.

2. Do you feel like people don’t understand that time is money? If so, why?

I don’t think people understand that time is more valuable than money , you can waste money and get it back , but not time and some people are inconsiderate of that.

3. What was your creative process in formulating this record?

This record was easy to create because it was really happening … I was in the studio and just got random calls that lead to nothing or just brought a negative vibe and I spoke it on the record.

4. “I chose not to pick up, cuz every time that you call it’s always something negative. I ain’t got time for setbacks, my old ways I left that” How exactly do you subtract yourself from any negativity and remain focused?

I never lose track of the end goal and often remind myself that my vision and dreams are exactly that mines!! I can’t expect for everyone to believe and see it like I do so I gotta do what’s best for me.

Written by: @Ayo_Sash