Written By: JaJa Nelson


If you’ve been tuning in over the years, Young Thug and YFN Lucci have been at odds for some time over many things. Many would like to say that the beef between the two started back in 2017 when Young Thug referred to himself as the “New Pac.”  YFN Lucci replied to him via twitter that “Pac would’ve never wore a dress.” However, there was an incident back in 2016 when YFN Lucci implied that he and Jerrika Karlae (Young Thug’s fiancée at the time) had been dealing behind closed doors. The two had an exchange of memes and screenshots on Twitter, and the rumors eventually dissolved when Young Thug declared that YFN Lucci was just trying to get recognition. Since those exchanges, the two have been sending each other shady remarks with brief hiatuses.

Fast forward to earlier this year, Young Thug was on his Instagram live and was speaking to his fans when one asked would he and YFN Lucci ever squash their beef. He replied that he would still slap him if he were ever in his presence. This statement reignited the beef and YFN Lucci responded to the threat via his Instagram live while having the derogatory f-word emblazoned across part of the video. After receiving backlash for his disparaging remarks, YFN Lucci was forced to apologize to the public, and his fans for using such harsh words, and life moved on.

Young Thug just released his new studio album, So Much Fun, and his fans seem to be loving it, but apparently, YFN Lucci was NOT a fan. YFN Lucci made a comment in his story on Instagram, and it was perceived to be directed towards Young Thug. Of course, once Thugga got wind of it, he responded. Him responding was not a shocker, it was what he said in all caps, “I WOULD’VE BEEN KILLED U.”

This is a considerable threat of violence that was delivered without a second thought from Thugga. Needless to say, we have all heard of his violent history, and it is displayed in his music, but did he go too far? Personally, I do not see it going that route because both of them have their own lanes of success; however, their beef with each other seems to keep escalating. We can all only see how this bold statement pans out.

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