Malachi Wright, a 15-year old self taught visual artist from Chicago has been killing it all over social media for a while with his hip-hop inspired visual artwork pieces. Although he’s not the only visual artist out there who does music-inspired pieces, he is definitely one of the very few who does it clean and presentable at his age. At 15-years old, young Wright just created which is arguably one of the best music pieces of the year – a Dragon Ball Z x Top Rappers piece which features every artist you can think of that’s at the top of hip-hop game right now.

With so many other pieces of artwork is his arsenal such as his Chance The Rapper piece, a Migos piece created as Simpson characters and a recent piece of Drake, this Dragon Ball Z x Top Rappers piece may have taken the cake. I first discovered it on Twitter and it was already receiving massive praise. I then searched him on Instagram and saw that he has been gaining recognition from other publications for quite some time.

Check out the piece below and tell us what you think.