Atlanta always takes crazy credit for the state of Georgia. But it’s bigger than just Atlanta. You have Savannah, Athens, Macon, and Columbus. The soul of down south rap lives in Georgia. Pastor Troy wasn’t from Atlanta and he was huge. Lil Jon is really from the suburbs of Atlanta. Bottom line is Atlanta does produce superstars. But Georgia period has talent blooming. A lot of artist claim to be from Atlanta just so they blend in. It’s a marketing thing I would guest.

I would like to introduce YourMajestyDot he’s out of Columbus, GA. He’s a true artist that works on developing his craft. He’s a real artist delivering real hits. He gives you subject matter and content. Listening to YourMajestyDot music you can take something away from it. He was overseas for a while, but you now he’s back like never before. With a brand new record “Shakur”. YourMajestyDot is paying him homage to Tupac of course. He didn’t do a bad job either. He flipped one of Tupac biggest records “Ambitionz Az a Ridah”. Which is not a record to play around with. He held it down with some real bars. He’s going at every hater that ever had something bad to say. You can feel the determination in this one. He’s ready to prove the world wrong for counting him out. Perfect record for YourMajestyDot. He really does have the talent to elevate his career. It’s just the marketing to get in front of the right audience is what he needs. This record is also on Spotify as well. Bottom line is, hit play and let this ride. May just motivate you to kick off 2019 the right way. If you are an underdog in life. This one is for you. It’ll get your mourning started off right. Peep the complete record below.