Written by: Bryson “Boom” Paul

16-year-old Yvng Leaf is a hot new recording artist known for his previous hits, “It’s The Start”, “No More” and “For a While”. Today, the Pennsylvania-native capitalizes on the popularity with a hot new song for the summer, perfectly-titled, “Summertime”.


Capturing the essence of hottest time of the year, “Summertime” is a catchy new effort from the rising star filled with energetic bounce, attractive elements, and dance ready. The new song is a great introduction for newfound fans excited to jump on the bandwagon.


Leaf on making “Summertime”:

‘SummerTime’ is usually a wild ride filled with ups and downs, and that’s what I tried to express through this song with the melodic upbeat structure and the sharp pitch changes, which takes you on a ride like no other song I’ve made yet. The engineering by Thomasjayofficial was spot on with the ad libs being blended perfectly with the main vocals making it a song worth checking out.

“Summertime” is the deep diving follow-up to Leaf’s EP, Leaf’s Nirvana. For more on Yvng Leaf, follow the rising star on Instagram.
Stream “Summertime” by Yvng Leaf now via Leaf World Records.