Brooklyn rappers Zillakami & SosMula aka City Morgue are redefining the typical New York sound with their mix of Rap, Punk and Metal and you probably haven’t heard anybody quite like them. The only rapper that has a similar sound would be 6ix9ine but it has been said that Zillakami used to write for 6ix9ine and helped him develop his sound when he was just getting started.

Their videos are off the wall and push boundaries of hip-hop to their extremes which is probably the main reason they don’t get much if any mainstream coverage. They bring that high, fast hard-hitting New York energy on every track and with the sound of hip-hop changing its only a matter of time before they catch on. After releasing a bunch of singles for the past two years, Zillakami and SosMula are gearing up to drop their long-awaited debut project sometime next month. Before it arrives they hold fans over with a new 3-track EP titled Be Patient.

Check out the EP below along with the visuals for their single “SK8 Head.”