Zyaire Rosier continues to impress us with his very distinctive backpack-ish poetic narratives that’s forever reflective; capturing a far too often storyline of a naive teen aggressively exploring the dark corners of the street. Zyaire’s new single, entitled “Alive” seems to be the first offering from his debut project though, we don’t have confirmation from the artist as of now. We first discovered Zyaire when he released “I see Jesus” as a dedication to his mother. Nonetheless, the melodic chorus sums up the moral of the story for misguided teems that eventually mature into conscious adults:

“Times are flying.. I can sense mama’s tired eyes from the corner of my eyes and…. I know flowers bloom and thats their way of dying, and we all too shall die, so, be thankful you’re alive.”

We look forward to a full body of work from Zyaire as his music continues to mature and more fans gravitate towards his sound. No word on the title or release date for his debut project will be available. Nor have we seen a visual from Zyaire but for now, let’s be thankful for this nostalgic piece that’s sure to resonate with those that have gone down the wrong path at some point in life. We all are thankful to have grown past our dark days and truly thankful to be alive to talk about it. Stream the single “Alive” below and tell us what you think.