Multi-Talented Artist ARTLOVETRAP Releases New Album “Colorblind” and Speaks of His Fashion

From Jamaican and Haitan decent,  ARTLOVETRAP  (ALT), is a multi-talented creative that resides in Miami FL as a model, musician, and painter. He began playing sports in college and loved it; however, an injury set back his plans and later landed him to music. Never turning back since, ALT founded “Free Dystopia” which was a powerful rock band that was led by him as the lead vocalist;  Ron Don as drummer; Q as guitarist; and Ariel Lopez as bassist. After a few hits and their album “Trial & Error”, the band went their separate ways and ALT continued with music.

With his aggressive neo-soul vibe and artsy style, ARTLOVETRAP partners with Amsterdam clothing brand, Scotch & Soda. He explains his appreciation of classics, earth tones, vibrant colors, and various textures/prints is how the brand represents his own style. He states that on normal day you can see him in clothing thats unique and fitting to his personality on that given day.

Similar to when he is creating art, ARTLOVETRAP releases music not as often because prefers to isolate in order to isolate in order to focus and release great work. He describes how a lot of his ideas and creativity from his dreams. His newest album “Colorblind” is a collection of 12 songs that are a reflection of his life from friendships, love, pain, and financial struggles.

ARTLOVETRAP appreciates the many supporters and fans of his music by offering discounted tickets to shows, free merchandise, but more importantly providing an in-depth connection with them at each show by speaking to them.

Next year, ARTLOVETRAP plans to go on a 12-city tour in March. Until, then catch him at his very own Hippie Haven in Miami, FL. Hippie Haven encompasses a music hub for artists such as artist development, Tuesday yoga, a recording studio, poetry & vinyl on Wednesdays, a performance stage, and open mic every Thursday.



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