Of Caribbean descent, originally stopping through the streets of Brooklyn, New York, the multi-genre artist now hails from West Palm Beach, Florida. Repping the sunshine state, Beach Boii remained booked and busy all 2019! To close out the decade with a bang, Beach Boii released his latest EP called Work. Made up of a variety of Dancehall/ Hip-Hop fusion, the EP features songs that will be sure to keep you dancing on your feet. 

Before garnering an expansive fan base, Beach Boii was grinding for years in the trenches during his early artist development stages with friend/co-collaborator Phe. This was before releasing his solo debut single in 2015. In the summer of 2015, the duo collaborated on the their single, “Fantasy” which solidified his signature Dancehall/Hip-Hop fusion style delivery. Although Beach Boii didn’t release the track until May 2016, with the support from mix shows on the local South Florida radio station 99 Jamz, the track quickly climbed up the iTunes Reggae Charts.


May of 2017 Beach and Dancehall Label “WBT Sound” teamed up to release his hit song “Rude”. Since, the original record and its remix (released in January 2018) has garnished millions of streams online. Fast forward a tear later, in May 2018 Beach did his very first live performance ever. His debut performance was in Israel and the tour included 3  sold out shows! This is when “Rude” had become more than just a song for him. After returning to the States, Beach released his first EP, Bandit and worked to continue to feed his fans more hits. Here we are a year later and now we have the latest EP Work with the lead single gaining traction online.
Featuring four tracks titled, WorkReal GyalisShaneOand Cheez Trix, the project contains high quality production from local producers, Leon, Trilogy, and Chillan. On the EP’s standout track, “Work” featuring Zay27, the undeniable lyricism laid over the melodically laced beat makes for a great track to keep on repeat. After a few spins of the album titled featured single, you will continue to be pleased as you can seamlessly listen to the EP through and through.

Overall, the project is a no skip necessary, well crafted piece of art. Stay tuned for more hot new music as Beach Boii remains in the studio from dusk ‘til dawn cooking up bangers for his fans. 

The new music released by Beach Boii will continue to embody his versatility. As we step into a new year, it’s evident that Beach Boii will be sure to keep us dancing into 2020 as the new decade quickly approaches.


No need to sleep on Beach Boii any longer! Click the link HERE, turn your speakers up and check out his latest release Work today!

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