Dallas rapper, Camp Zeroo fills the hats of many things such as being a Rapper, Author, Philanthropist, Actor, and Producer. He took the EDM World by storm showcasing over 18 years in the music industry and amassing over 3-million streams and over 12k Shazam’s showcasing just how popular he is. Albums like “No Pressure” in Spring 2018  and “No Pressure II” in the Fall 2018 showed fans what he has to offer.

Camp stepped into as a philanthropist and have the meaning of to the #RunItUpChallenge through donating some of his own money from shows, investments, and appearances to pay it forward. Though he is on tour 85% of the year, he gives back to the community through his “Sugar Daddy of America Campaign” which is a fun way to give back to a mass amount of people school supplies, lunch money, and emergency funds. He also allows students to intern for sets and producing albums for those inspiring to be in the music industry.

Camp has had the opportunity to share the stage with great artists like Drake, Trey Songs, Wale, and Rick Ross just to name a few. In 2009 he was nominated for an award as an executive producer in his first motion picture.

Check Out No Pressure here

We live in a time where you do not have to be stuck in one genre.

Camp will be back from tour on September 3 and will continue to make entrepreneurial moves. One of which he will be creating a self-titled app for Dj’s to battle one another and to also battle Camp as well.

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