Gucci Mane vs. The Breakfast Club

Let’s rewind to about 3 years ago. Gucci Mane was on The Breakfast Club in 2016 where his infamous interview took place. This interview has created countless Gifs, memes and cut aways. We can’t forget why the Gif exists though. It only came after a few wild claims.

During the 2016 NYC radio show, Gucci Mane took the time to call out Angela Yee. He claimed she was “on my dick back in the day.” Yee denied these claims and along with the narrative Gucci told of Yee trying to pull up to his NYC hotel room.

A whole three years later, there seems to be some beef that wasn’t hashed out.

Gucci took to Instagram to.. express his feelings.


“Wow! So you mean to tell me The breakfast club BANNED me 4 this? #TruthHurts #getoffmydick 😂🍆”

The video shows the two during THE Breakfast Club interview and jumps to an earlier interview where Yee and Gucci are flirting a little heavy.

“Can you take it?” Gucci says “I’m sure,” Yee replied. “You know what they say about little girls, especially Asian ones.”

Was she entertaining him or doing her job??

Yee did have a few words to say in response in the comment section. “Back on those drugs I see,” she wrote.

Gucci responded to the show’s Twitter poll. The Poll was created by The Breakfast to ask the fans who they believed. Gucci wasn’t a fan, stating “Punk a** wh***s.”


Angela then used her show to clear the air. “As far as the ban, I said he’s welcome to come on the show,” before adding how she doesn’t trust him and she will not be there for it.

Listen below.


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