Soul/pop sensation, Jackie Paladino, is a manifestation of cinematic storytelling and total transparency. In the sense of an increasingly unequal social hierarchy, she leaves space for those taught to deny their innermost reality to regain their power.

If her face may look familiar to you, it’s because you may have seen her recently perform at the City Winery with America’s Got Talent’s Mandy Harvey, get crowned winner of The Voice InstaBlind Competition, and her newly released “Can You Tell Me What Love Is?” produced by Sony/ATV producer Gino Lee where it’s gettin radio play all the way in South Africa. Through a NYC-based indie label, Coffeehouse Agency, Jackie has released more music with Cali-based producer and artist, Foxen. She is also gearing up to distribute her  debut vinyl record.

 Jackie Paladino and Lucy Camp Team Up

Indie artists, Jackie Paladino and rising 21-year-old lyricist & poet from San Jose, CA, Lucy Camp join forces to bring fans their latest hit, “Music Heals the Soul“. Lucy took the internet by storm with show-stealing appearances on the popular YouTube channel, The Cypher Effect. She then went on to release her first mixtape, Virago in 2014 which later landed her a deal with NYC-based indie label, QUINTIC.

Music Heals The Soul.

It’s crazy how the universe brought these two creatives together. Jackie met a young and hopeful rapper/producer (the same ex-boyfriend referenced in “Can You Tell Me What Love Is?”) who helped reignite her musical passion. In doing so, heading to his place one day, she penned “Music Heals the Soul” on the bus. The well-written record, represents a major turning point in Jackie’s journey as an artist, reflecting on how essential music has been to recover from prior hardships. The single makes for a relatable record for music lovers all over.That realization inspired her to re-connect with other creative passions, which subsequently landed her to be cast as the romantic lead in a yet-to-be-released music video for Lucy Camp. Lucy and Jackie share one thing in common when it comes to music, and that is their ability to connect over the use of art to heal from our innermost demons. That’s when Jackie asked her to be the featured rapper for the track.

Lucy Camp

Lucy Camp brings an entirely new approach to the table with her ultra-vivid life musings, meticulous delivery and ambient aesthetic. Her breathless flow pours over dimly light production in unexpected ways.
Last year in 2018, she was persistently releasing music with a shift into synthwave/dream pop-infused offerings on her Summer Camp EP. Her music is refreshingly touching and unpredictably experimental.
Give “Music Heals The Soul” a spin and let us know what you think in the comments below!