If you’re a native of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan region (DMV), you’re familiar with Big Flock; the pioneer and OG behind the recent wave of music talent stemming from the region. To give  a little insight on his current trend of music.

Charles Bowman Bey, also known as Big Flock is the heart, mind, body and soul of Maryland and especially when you think of rap music. Big Flock was Born October 1,1992 in Camp Springs, MD. Big Flock started rapping at 11 years of age by using a tape recorder to record his first few songs. At the age of 18, Big Flock started to take music seriously.

One of his friends had just purchased a mic and laptop to begin his new journey in music. A few years later, he has made strides in becoming a top notch artist in the DMV.

Recently, he dropped “No Introduction” which premiered off The Fader titled “No Introduction,” which has the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area going ecstatic over his return to music. His return to music has co-signs by fellow Washington Metropolitan artists Rico Nasty, YBN Cordae, Bandhunta Izzy, 3oh Black, and Wale.

Currently Last 5EVA has received coverage from My Mixtapez, HipHopSince1987, KAZI Mag, and about 20 more outlets! It t has streamed nearly 2 millions times on all streaming platforms since it’s release December 20th! Add in multiple single releases and major performances, he/’s been on a recent run a success.

However, he’s a bit of a anomaly in the industry even with major co=signs. Flock has been featured on every major platform from 2016-2017 but still is ascending the chain of respect in hip hop. His incarceration a little over three years ago might be the reason for that.

In the past, he released critically acclaimed project tiled “The Great Depression,” which garnered over 5 million streams and had co signs by Karen Civil, DJ Enuff, DJ Iceberg, and The Source. 21 Savage was also featured on the project.

Flock’s Impact

His impact, especially for the DMV reaches far beyond music. For a land known for amazing athletic talent, Go-Go music, R&B acts, mumbo sauce, and it’s signature slang, he brought something the area has been missing in the new generation; a hip hop act that uplifts the entire area to do better.

Big Flock embodies stage presence, personality, and humility that rubs off on his colleagues. His energy is vibrant and infectious to the point that even without a word, it motivates people to improve their craft. It’s incredible to see that, even after three years, his impact is still felt and his name is still relevant.

Sure, Wale, Fat Trel, and Shy Glizzy were already prevalent in the industry, they’re were only inspiration for the new era of talent not actually with them through the struggle. Big Flock was so influential among budding DMV talent within the time span of 2016-2017, you couldn’t see go three minutes within the area without hearing about him or his music.

The artists who blew up after him such as YBN Cordae, IDK, Rico Nasty, Goldlink, 30h Black, Goonew, Lil Dude, Chelly The MC, Banhunta Izzy, Yung Inkky, Beau Young Prince, and Q Da Fool all owe Flock a little gratitude for the work the OG Grandfather put in to make sure that the new generation of artists have a solid base to work with. His impact is even respect by his peers who came beofre him in the region.

With a new decade and fresh start for Flock to focus on music, it’s only a matter of time that he is a powerhouse name throughout the whole industry. Follow his journey by clicking on his Instagram here.



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