Only you can be you – DrewBoy telling me a quote in which spoke volumes to me

Bred from the Burroughs of Uptown, Philadelphia, Drewboy, has been making waves a bright young star of hip hop. The charismatic young emcee was raised to be not only a talented artist but a overall entertainer. Graced with a sense of humor, dashing good looks, down to earth personality, and the grit of his city, 2019 has been the rise of the Philly phenom. His break out single “Close Friends,” which came with a unique dance which got Rick Ross dancing which led to him going viral on all social media platforms.

Drew has seen a huge increase in following the past couple of months. Combine this social media push with his music and his love for interacting with his fans, you got a young star on the cusp of super-stardom. A couple of key points, his down to earth humility with him balancing his star power and regular guy vibes amazed me. “As ‘celebrities,’ we are regular people, we live like they do,” he said happily. He continued with “man, how will people every follow me if I wasn’t as relatable and down to earth to them. I’m the artist of the people not above the people.”

Drewboy, the hustler and down to earth person

Second thing, he is a workhorse, his manager booked studio time for him in Los Angeles and in mere moments, he made twenty-five songs. “Music is what to do, I wan to do this for the rest of my life,” he said passionately. He continued with “tours, appearances, and everything I can do to get my music out there, I’m all for it. Seeing the struggle of my mom and sister, motivates me everyday to keep pushing. My mother and sister influenced the ‘workhorse’ in me, I got to get stuff done because I got to put them in a better position.” Another reason, that we both agreed on is his city of Philadelphia. Coming from rough circumstances, the residents and natives have a natural chip on their shoulder, like Drew to succeed in life.

Finally, how down to earth he is. His natural demeanor with his manager, had me laughing and smiling. Him and his management, work better than Shaq and Kobe in their prime when it comes to making power plays to advance their careers. Also, growing up he spoke and still speaks to everybody. He even sometimes talks to some of the Philadelphia athletes to get sense of the city. Drew manifest the power to speak to everybody and relate everybody, reminiscent to that of a younger Tupac.

An example of that was his Power 99 Freestyle of the “Pain” beat. “I always smiling, so during that moment I wanted show another side of me and connect to my fans by letting them know I can connect to their ‘pain,’ he said. Continuing with “I got through the same issues most people do, i just keep it to myself and keep it moving. I’m doing this to make people lives better, with my music and personality.”

The beat for the freestyle was epic, so I had to go hard on it! ‘Datway’ – Drewboy on the freestyle beat.

The Future

Always thinking forward, the young artist has many things lined up.  First, is a bevy of amazing music that is waiting to be dropped at a moments notice. Second, as we spoke about this jokingly and maybe a prediction of the future, “a TV show with him, me, Indigo Grant, Rick Ross dancing, and fellow artist Kiing Dree.” Also add in a song with one of his favorite comedian, DC Young Fly, another joke we made but maybe that can come true. However, to summarize my conversation with Drewboy, he is charismatic young king with a world of potential. Please , follow his journey and check him out!

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