Young Prophit, is a 17-year-old rising rap superstar that is ready to take the game by storm. Hailing from MottHaven, South Bronx, and now residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, Young Prophit, is a young talented artist that is making his own way, while also paying respect to the greats.

Young Prophit began his music career at the age of 6 when he began writing his first rhymes, and covering tracks of Hip Hop legends and veterans, such as Big L, Biggie, Tupac, Mobb Deep, Big Pun, Rakim, and Jay-Z, along with countless others from Hip Hop’s Golden Era.

He states: “Pac, Jay-Z, and Biggie had lyrical content that was one of a kind, and at a young age, I just loved their music! I used to do those covers, and I really thought I was them!” 

While Young Prophit was primarily raised in the south, he always rep NYC. Many artists come and go, but the ones that have longevity have a unique quality that makes them special. In addition to having the “it factor”, he also stands out because of the cosigns that he’s received from the greats at his young age. He has been cosigned as an artist who is musically ahead of his time.

Young Prophit prides himself on being an artist that is both lyrical and conscious, as not too many emcees in his generation touch on real topics.Given his level of intellect, it was only right to choose the stage name Young Prophit.

Right on Thanksgiving Day, Young Prophit released his new album titled Prophit Season. We have the exclusive releases here. Check out below.

Listen to Prophit Season HERE

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