Grammy Award-Winning Producer + Songwriter Troy Taylor Speaks About His Extensive History In The Industry & Upcoming Project

We had the pleasure of speaking with Producer and Songwriter Troy Taylor whom has been in the music industry for almost 30 years. Troy started with being an artist and was signed to Motown. After diligently working, he began working with a boy group whom later became Boys II Men. Troy was behind the scenes of the most talented artists to date including Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Trey Songz, Jacquees, and more to name.

When asked: “What must every producer have in order to be successful?”, Troy explained every song must have a melody, emotion, and tone. Going back to when he first started, he explained how artists had to have artist management including a team. Fast forward to now, his producing stands out than others because his life is 24/7 in music and he finds it necessary to put his heart to it.

Troy also gives praise to God as it is always good to remember the giver more so than the gift. People focus so much on the gift that they forget the giver.  He has always remembered the giver and why he gave him gifts. He helps artists learn how to work their gift and use their gift musically and has been blessed to be able to continue to go no matter how hard, wicked, deceitful, or evil this industry can be.

As the year is ending, Troy already has a lot planned, including new music with  Trey SongzQueen Naija, and new group New Town Down.


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