RunUp Rico, a rising artist from the city of brotherly love (Philly) is here with his new single, “Regrets”. Featuring Meet Sims, this record reminisces on Rico’s early troubles in life and his ability of growing into the person he is today; learning from those experiences and holding himself in the best position to win.

“Got no regrets what I did up in the past, I’m just living every single day like its my last, teacher ask my mom why Rasheen ain’t come to class, I was wit the dawgs posted up on the ave.”

The Philly underdog and his melodic style fused with his lyricism is the perfect medium to changing the landscape of his city’s Rap scene. This single is featured on Rico’s forthcoming project “Wicked Dreams”. His focus is to put his music on a bigger platform and to show his underdog story to the world. Putting his city on his back and becoming Philly’s next rising star.